No plain not followed by a slope.

No going not followed by a return.

He who remains persevering in danger Is without blame.

Do not complain about this truth;

Enjoy the good fortune you still possess.

– I Ching

Exhale, inhale. Yin, yang. Female, male. Dark, light.

The introverted – inward focusing – side of this site relates to my own growth / individuation; it is a type of tool that helps me as the process develops. This is because I have always felt that, in my psyche, there is a very strong need to serve nature/universe/consciousness/intelligence and because my own psyche gives these ideas their colour and shape as it brings them forth; it is important then, to make myself vulnerable to the process, and the way I have found to do so, at least at the present moment, is by bringing forth these insights that find their way from the unconscious to my conscious mind to others through this site.

The extroverted – outward focusing – side looks at our societies and is an ongoing exploration of the relationship between consciousness, individual/personal/human development, the current dominant global paradigms (our culture) and the state of our world. More specifically, it discusses topics related to the philosophical hypothesis that consciously developed humans are better people and better people create better societies and therefore, consciousness development should be the goal of humanity.

The goal of this site is then twofold:

On one hand, these explorations aim to bring subjective impressions and intuitions that would otherwise remain outside the limits of my conscious mind into becoming insights, ideas and language bound – linear – points of view so that they can be expressed. Hence, their subjective and ‘philosophical’ flavour.

On the other hand, the idea is to have these ideas communicated to other minds so that we can analyse their validity for society and, if sound, proceed to make the theoretical real: create social change. This is because – as others (Daniel Quinn, Charles Eisenstein to name a couple) have already pointed out, as human consciousness starts to break through the boundaries of the current paradigms that have served humanity well but that are less and less relevant, (capitalism, materialism, monotheism, etc.), all we need to do is make way for our new story to make itself known – just like an impression or intuition from an individual.

As ambitious as that sounds, this site is an attempt at doing both.

Nothing here is based upon or aimed towards achieving a point where ‘I’ know better than ‘you’ or ‘them’ and all ideas are based on a mixture of outside sources and personal thought. These come from science, the words of other humans, personal observations and experience and, most importantly, on these so important insights that found their way through to my mind from this most neglected and mysterious part of ourselves: the unconscious.

Finally, all content here is fully copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without my written consent. I have tried my best to reference the work of others but, if I have unknowingly used yours or someone else’s idea and failed to reference the author, please forgive me, get in touch and I will do my best to rectify the situation.

I hope you find the content interesting. Please, be nice and respectful of the ideas and of others and get in touch if you feel like it.

Thank you for reading.


*For a better idea of the meaning of these terms and their usage in this site, please have a look at the ‘philosophy’ page.