We, who come to this world burning, who long for a battle, who see beyond what is here into what all this could be, we envy those for whom “choosing” is possible. We have no rest. We have no shade. Seeking, fighting, dying every day, every minute; that is our natural state of being. Aiming for the muse, for nothing less than perfection in every act, every thought, every feeling… Jumping head first into the abyss that we all carry inside, just to have a little glimpse of the gods that each one of us can be, the gods that abide right behind all the pain we carry, the guilt and the shame we barely manage to hide. To us, the few moments of ecstatic bliss, where universe, mind and soul are one and the same and, as if just by a small miracle of what we – humans – call “existence” everything actually does make sense, these are what we live for… because if we don’t learn to live for them, there is only you sister… there is only you, sister death.

I am reaching out to those who know that behind all conceptualisations, there is only pure being, in whatever way it happens to manifest itself to whatever happens to be you, at any given moment.


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