I am Artur. I am a photographer, campaigner, podcast host and blogger (writer?) from Brazil and currently living in Aotearoa / New Zealand. I write about big ideas to try to make sense of them (and because I need to). No, I don’t think ‘my’ point of view is always the right one. Yes, I do want to fix the world. Don’t you?

I am also a little bit philosopher, oneironaut,  psychonaut and a kind of a taoist and I believe self knowledge/consciousness development should be the goal of the human experience and at the centre of our societies. 

I was born in Brazil, and I have always felt a very strong connection with my – and perhaps the collective – unconscious. As a result, I grew up very interested in art and fascinated by existential philosophies as well as able to reach into dark places within myself and bring back something beautiful, useful and important. For me, Hesse’s Glass Bead Game, Jung’s Archetypes and Huxley’s fractal universe have always been more real than the madness that ‘my’ culture tried to push down my throat.

My teenage years were full of books (which were not always understood), questions and ideas expressed on paper as well as a very strong existential/spiritual crisis that grew as the result of the realisation that the Catholic Church in which I was brought up was almost completely deprived of any real spiritual/existential intelligence. The decision to ‘escape’ that environment came naturally and when I turned 18, I moved to London in hope of finding a place that did not share the madness I saw everywhere. 

It has now been 16 years, 20 countries, numerous days and nights of introspection, meditation, prayer, conversations, podcasts, substances, experiments, real and imaginary ‘madness’ and many other ways trying to find such place. And writing, always writing… although for a long time I convinced myself that what I write or think had no value, especially when there are so many brilliant people who are already talking about the things I talk about here.

But then 2 important things happened.

The first is that I came to the realisation that I should forget the idea of being 100% unique, original and so precious about this work and concentrate on supporting and adding to the change that is already happening in the world, via any means I can. 

The second (this one, quite recent), is that a good friend of mine told me she thought I had no idea about how much I have helped other people – herself included – because of my own experiences. She was right, I had no idea, but that got me thinking.

This is the result. 

The parts of the site where I writeabout on my own personal experiences and internal processes serve as a tool that helps me understand the expressions of my unconscious and my process of individuation. As my friend told me, I hope it may also help others on their own paths. 

The outward looking parts look at our society/ies and is an ongoing exploration of the relationship between consciousness, culture and the current state of our world.

As well as writing about these, I host a podcastwith my good friend and co-host Filipe where we discuss some ideas about the above (sorry, it is in Portuguese only for now) amongst ourselves and with guests.

I have also always loved photography and with this work I aim to show the humanity within the often missed moments in important events and everyday life. My professional work focuses on humanitarian and social issues while my personal projects look at bigger questions like self-knowledge, spirituality and death. Over the years, I have been published in a different publications and continue to shoot as much as I can.

Finally, I have been working as a campaigner for different organisations for the past 5 years but all the opinions expressed here are my own.

The idea behind all of this is to help a new and upcoming culture based on consciousness development, kindness and cooperation which is finding is way onto our collective conscious, be born.

Oh yes: I also really love plants –  specially really big trees. I think they are the best teachers humanity have available. 

No plain not followed by a slope.

No going not followed by a return.

He who remains persevering in danger Is without blame.

Do not complain about this truth;

Enjoy the good fortune you still possess.

I Ching