war on consciousness

There is just so much on this talk…

This is such a great lecture… I personally think that the fact that it has been banned (TBC) only adds to its value and validity.

Below are some of the topics covered:

  • Our ancestors encounters with visionary plants;
  • Amanita Muscaria, Ayahuasca (chacruna), DMT;
  • Seriousness of taking psychedelics and their ‘mission’ with humanity;
  • Visionary art;
  • Aycahuasca usage for treating drug addiction;
  • The speaker’s own personal experience as a substance abuser and his subsequent Ayahuasca experience;
  • Materialistic reductionist science and the mystery of consciousness;
  • The problem of death;
  • Dream states and their value;
  • Our society’s position towards visionary states;
  • The ‘unholy alliance of psychiatry and big Pharma’ and our accepted drugs;
  • The war on specific substances – those that take us out of the socially accepted ‘alert state’;
  • How the social model provided by this ‘monopolistic alert state of consciousness’ is broken;
  • Our lost of connection with ‘spirit’ and how teachers are now on a ‘reverse missionary’ mission;
  • Ancient cultures usage of plants for the achievement of altered states of consciousness;
  • Spiritual journey of us, humans, and how other states of consciousness were used to help us find harmony with nature;
  • The right of adult sovereignty over our own consciousnesses;