war on consciousness

There is just so much on this talk…

This is – by far – one of the best TED talks to ever take place. The fact that it has been banned (TBC) only adds to its value and validity. Watch it and try to absorb at least some of its messaging. Blow are some of the topics covered:

  • Our ancestors encounters with visionary plants;
  • Amanita Muscaria, Ayahuasca (chacruna), DMT;
  • Seriousness of taking psychedelics and their ‘mission’ with humanity;
  • Visionary art;
  • Aycahuasca usage for treating drug addiction;
  • The speaker’s own personal experience as a substance abuser and his subsequent Ayahuasca experience;
  • Materialistic reductionist science and the mystery of consciousness;
  • The problem of death;
  • Dream states and their value;
  • Our society’s position towards visionary states;
  • The ‘unholy alliance of psychiatry and big Pharma’ and our accepted drugs;
  • The war on specific substances – those that take us out of the socially accepted ‘alert state’;
  • How the social model provided by this ‘monopolistic alert state of consciousness’ is broken;
  • Our lost of connection with ‘spirit’ and how teachers are now on a ‘reverse missionary’ mission;
  • Ancient cultures usage of plants for the achievement of altered states of consciousness;
  • Spiritual journey of us, humans, and how other states of consciousness were used to help us find harmony with nature;
  • The right of adult sovereignty over our own consciousnesses;




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