“The wise man does nothing,

smiling comes it.

Now is not anymore;

trust and be trusted.”


1 Love must be present. Love is the foundation to anything and everything; there is no growth, learning or evolution without love. A conversation without love is simply an act of attack and defence, from speaker to listener, but also from speaker to him/herself and listener to him/herself. If one attacks an ego, one gives the ego a reason to defend itself. if an ego defends itself, one has a reason to attack it. 

2 We have seen and are seeing a part of “the” truth. I believe we each have seen a different part. Each is always complementary, and, if neither of us have attained nibana, then each part is never “enough”. 

3 Although the perception of the truth is individual and subjective, the truth itself remains the same.

4 Conversations about this truth are impossible. Conversations about the individual perceptions of this truth are what every human should engage on, or this “truth” is in regard to the natural state/ complete human. This is what I am keen to engage with u on.

5 We cannot doubt each other’s view of the truth if it was experienced by each other. If we doubt, than the whole conversation is pointless. We are each “specialists in the making” on something.

6 We must doubt everything we tell each other regarding how we perceive/experience this truth,  as long as each is willing to take action upon this doubt. Doubting for the sake of doubting is intellectual masturbation (blind critique).

7 We must believe everything each other say about our way to perceive/experience this truth, as long as we are willing to take action upon this belief. Believing for the sake of believing ins emotional masturbation ( blind faith).

8 Because we love each other, we must say what we think we must say. Nothing is flattering or offensive, unless we are willing to see it as such. Although what we understand from each other’s words are our problem: the speaker on what they are trying to express; the listener on what their are trying to understand. However, language is only precise if it is trying to describe a signal (dog, spoon, etc…); if it s truing to describe a symbol (he acts like a dog, i don t want you to spoon me), it then becomes simply “blocks” with which each individual in the conversation will then build their own idea of what is being said. That is where the danger lies.

9 Each other’s egos will take every possible chance to use these linguistically faults to point fingers and blame anybody and anything before it has to look at itself. It was designed by nature for that, just as it was designed by nature to be understood as such and used buy the organism. “The obstacle is the path”.

10 Because we are intelligent, we chose to talk about what can be talked about. Let s choose to finish each conversation we start, to the best of our capacity.

11 Because we are enlightened we chose to stay silent regarding what cannot be talked about. Lets chose to live what can only be lived. 

12 Here is where love plays a huge part. If we are always acting from the best possible Point of View that each has, and keep that in mind, ego can go ahead and do its thing. The speaker’s ego will speak. The listener’s ego will listen. The speaker’s love will act. The listener’s love will accept. The speaker’s wisdom will chose action or no action accordingly; as a speaker, their action or on action is directed outward. The listener’s wisdom will chose action or no action accordingly; as a listener, their action or no action is directed inward.

13 If the listener promptly agrees with something the speaker said: both be careful. This could be an ego trap (watch speaker). 

14 if listener promptly disagrees with something speaker said: both be careful. This could be an ego trap (watch listener).

15 Your obligation is to stalk yourself. 

16 The conversation may or may not be “pleasant”. Be prepared. 

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