The first podcast episode

Wow… podcasting takes time. Starting from scratch takes time. Everything takes time. But then, before you know it, it is done… and then you find yourself pleasantly surprised that you even sound ‘ok’.

Massive thanks to my friend and cohost Filipe to get episode 1 of Semente pra Mente out there. We had a great talk about personal development and a few techniques and/or activities people can do to get to a state where such concept can happen like diet, movement, mindfulness (not the meditation, just the idea of being present), being and nature and others.

Unfortunately it is in Portuguese only for now.., but we may get some special episodes with English speaking guests some time in the future.

If you what to listen to it, click here.


Disjointed: why is it so good that a not so good show about human rights exists

When I watched the first episode of this series, I thought I wouldn’t be watching the second. Luckily, I didn’t have much choice on the matter, and within 10 seconds episode 2 had started and I was back in my head thinking about Terrence McKenna and the nature of reality, blissfully ignoring what then felt like a waste of my time.

However, I sometimes enjoy watching some mindless TV while I prepare some food. So one lunch break came after the other (on my working from home days), one episode led to another and, after watching the entire first season, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself thinking that there are at least 3 things on/about this show I actually like.

The animations are a strong second on my list. They are beautiful and add a very nice dream/stoner element to the series. I really like them and will try to find out who the artist is. I just love the way it streams off of one of the character’s mind and takes over the ‘normal’ perception of reality.

In third comes the lead character. A strong woman, activist, mother and self proclaimed shaman who, at some point, schools two massive stoners about how bad it is for the/her cause that they are ‘walking stereotypes’ of stoners. What a role model.

But what about first place?

Well, first place is easy; it is the fact that a show like that actually exists.

Disjointed is ‘the’ sign we were waiting for that Marijuana is, finally, mainstream ‘enough’. Mainstream enough for a production company to produce it. Mainstream enough for an incredible Hollywood actress to play the lead character. Mainstream enough for people who have not been exposed to much outside their own ‘culture’ and their own views of the world to actually watch and laugh at it while the overall message of the show – that the war on drugs is the bullshit- arrives directly at their living rooms, every week.

And while it is truly amazing that this message is finally hitting the audience it needs to hit, I think this is not even the best part. The ‘real thing’, the real ‘victory’ for those who are actively trying to help consciousness unfold through humanity will be if the show is actually successful. If that happens, it means that the audience is ready to have a conversation about one of the biggest taboos of their societies, and once the psyche has opened itself to the possibility that another mind’s point of view holds as much value as its own, it is only a matter of time until ignorance is dissipated.

Let’s hope there is Season 2.

war on consciousness

There is just so much on this talk…

This is such a great lecture… I personally think that the fact that it has been banned (TBC) only adds to its value and validity.

Below are some of the topics covered:

  • Our ancestors encounters with visionary plants;
  • Amanita Muscaria, Ayahuasca (chacruna), DMT;
  • Seriousness of taking psychedelics and their ‘mission’ with humanity;
  • Visionary art;
  • Aycahuasca usage for treating drug addiction;
  • The speaker’s own personal experience as a substance abuser and his subsequent Ayahuasca experience;
  • Materialistic reductionist science and the mystery of consciousness;
  • The problem of death;
  • Dream states and their value;
  • Our society’s position towards visionary states;
  • The ‘unholy alliance of psychiatry and big Pharma’ and our accepted drugs;
  • The war on specific substances – those that take us out of the socially accepted ‘alert state’;
  • How the social model provided by this ‘monopolistic alert state of consciousness’ is broken;
  • Our lost of connection with ‘spirit’ and how teachers are now on a ‘reverse missionary’ mission;
  • Ancient cultures usage of plants for the achievement of altered states of consciousness;
  • Spiritual journey of us, humans, and how other states of consciousness were used to help us find harmony with nature;
  • The right of adult sovereignty over our own consciousnesses;